Feb 11, 2014

ode to my glasses

I have three different kind of glasses, without them I can't see so clear.
In some cases this can be an advantage, but most of the time I need to see sharp.
so I'm constantly juggling with them.

The fisst one is the most important: a multifocal one which I wear everyday
The second one I wear behind my computer to see the screen.
But these two weren't enough, so I bought a third one for reading.

I try to keep them on places where I easily can find them and I won't accidently sit on them
I even have a soft piece of fabric on my desk for my computer glasses,
because it broke already two times and then I'm lost...

The glasses also give inspiration for photographs.
I often see the soft light shining through the glasses which is inspiring.
So they are not only helpful for my eyes, but also for my creativity :-)


Annie's World said...

this is s great!! love it

Carole Reid said...

Ha, too funny! You are so creative!
I also have 3 pairs for precisely the same reasons.

jfidz said...

The children at school think its funny when I take my glasses off to look at things close-up!

Unknown said...

foto 2 van de 3-Luik is mijn favoriet.

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

Absolutely looooove it :)
You have wonderful ideas.