Aug 8, 2013

a wolf in Holland

Last week they found a real wolf in Holland
Not in the zoo, or in a fairytale, but here in Holland, in de Noordoostpolder
The poor animal was dead. Probably hit by a car.

They say the wolf walked all the way from Eastern Europe.
They expect more wolves are coming this way.

A bit scary idea, I often wear a red jacket with a red cap,
when walking in the woods... ;-)


poppylocke said...

Lovely illustration to pay tribute to the wolf :) I wonder what adventures the wolf had on its travels!

Rod MacGregor said...

Shame he died. Be careful if you go to the woods!!

Midori said...

Exciting that wolf is back! But if they cross the channel, I may be a bit worried! I love walking in the woods with my loyal pooch!

roberto M. said...

poor animal made ​​a long journey, probably with much fear and hunger, to find death at the end.
Do not worry if you go to the forest, it is proven that wolves only see greyscale :)

Lisa Graham said...

Aw, what a sad story. Your illustration is excellent as always. Hopefully since you wear red in the woods you won't get eaten by a wolf.

Cindi said...

I love your wolf depiction! We have them here, and it is always considered sort of a treat to see one though it is with a little healthy respect.

LuTi said...

scary?? No, not at all! It is just good, more wolfs, more fun!!

Unknown said...

Oh ja een echte wolf, een lone one!,
holt vanaf de karpaten hiernaartoe, echt spijtig dat ze is aangereden.
goeie illustratie!