Feb 23, 2013

inspiration: Gustave Caillebotte

Yesterday I was at the exhibition 'an impressionist and photography' about
Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894) in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
To be honest I had never heard of him. But it was very inspiring!

They exhibit his paintings in combination with early photographers.
Caillebotte was a pioneer using photographic points of view in his paintings.
It was something new, he was ahead of his time.
The photographs from a later era show simular perspectives and details.
Fascinating to see them together!

A sunday with Caillebotte is a childrens art book inspired by this exhibition.
The illustrations are from Ingrid Godon a flemish illustrator, which I like very much.
Text is from Toon Tellegen, one of my favorite writers. Philosophic and poetic.

The original drawings of the book are also exhibited in the museum.
This book is one of a series of children picture art books, (in dutch)
which are published in cooperation with the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
Such a great initiative!

And this was only one exhibition...there's much more to see in this museum :-)


jfidz said...

I used Caillebotte in a lesson the other week. His work is excellent for showing pupils the mechanics of linear perspective.

roberto M. said...

Nelleke, at least, two of us, I either never heard of him.
but I see that he had his style

Unknown said...

prima verslag. ik was ook aangenaam getroffen door zijn werk, blij werd ik ervan. prachtig ge├źxposeerd ook.

Rod MacGregor said...

I like Caillebotte..love that Paris streets and umbrellas one.