Jan 18, 2013

..... and the winner is......

Remember Muscle Man?

I blogged about the Wolf T-shirt design competition before

Today they anounced the winner on their blog

And guess what? It's Muscle Man :-)
Also my other design: Little Red Cat was part of the selection.

Happy weekend!


roberto M. said...

I knew I knew I knew!!!!!!!!!! :)))
wow wow wow!!!!!!!

PUM!! (I opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate) !!!!!!!!!!

I congratulate you Creative Woman!!!!!

prettylittlethieves said...

cute illustration! congratulations!

Lot said...

Joepiedepoepie! Wat gaaf! ( en ik ga er zekerweten eentje bestellen voor kabouter als ze tenminste aan kleine maatjes doen...).
Gefeliciteerd joh!

Unknown said...

gewellldig dat je gewonnen hebt (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

het mosterdgele shirt met stoer mannetje, met voor de verandering tevens mosterdkleurige koontjes.

Sue Hutchen Lay said...

No surprise to have won, he's terrific!

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

I was sure about it.
Great news :) Congrats!
Muscle Man is the one!

Nic Squirrell said...

Congratulations, well deserved!

Sabine Israel said...

you really deserve it
it was a wise decision