Apr 24, 2011

red cheeks factory

This week I started with the second pika bootcamp:
how to survive and thrive as an artist online

the first assignment is to make up a name, an avatar and a banner for a possible shop.
So this is the birth of 'red cheeks factory'

And here are some banners I made, any suggestions which you like the most?
I hope to make a red cheeks factory website soon!


Margo said...

Second from top I like best!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

I like the two without the hand holding the pencil in it. I think the hand is too bold and it's the first thing I look at, not the name or the drawings. LOVE the name though, and great job on all of them!

Unknown said...

Ik vind de laatste banner het leukste en ik vind dat poppetje ook de beste! leuke naam en vrolijke tekeningen!

johbont said...

de 2 bovenste avatars hebben iets weg van Fido Dido (jaren terug, werd het logo van 7-up)
van de paasmeisjes vind ik de derde het beste/

moest ik een banier kiezen dan zou ik de onderste nemen

nelleke said...

thanks all, for your feedback! It's nice, because the last banner was also my favourite, and I'm going for the girl as an avatar, the third or the last one.

rasamalai said...

I'm glad you chose the fifth one! It's my favourite too :) it makes me feel happy! ^^