May 9, 2015

Freaky Spring in the Kunsthal Rotterdam

Today I visited the big FREAKY SPRING exhibirion in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. With my favorite brother ofcourse. (my museum mate ;-))  It was a big surprise. I didn't know what to expect, but I walked through the museum halls with open mouth...

Especially by seeing the work of Kristof Kintera. I had never heard of him, but it is 'freaky' indeed! His exibition is called: Your light is my life. The walls in the halls of the museum are painted neon green / yellow. It's impressive to walk through.

His work is weird. You enter a whole new world with talking and moving objects and installations. Ever seen a talking and moving shopping bag with rubbish or an office chair with giant wings?

Dancing trees, a moving bucket... a giant palmtree and cactus of tins....
It is worthwile to have a look!

Also very surprising was the exhibition of photographer Charlotte Lybeer from Belgium:
The fantastic adventures of the Cabbit and the Folf

You enter again a complete new world. She portrays people who like to be in an 'in-between' world. They live in a world in which they take on a different identity to escape from everyday reality.

She did photograph them in their own environment. It's fascinating! I didn't know the existance of this phenomenon.

These are only two of the five freaky exhibitions. It was a while ago I went to the Kunsthal. I almost forgot what a nice museum it is....

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Jan said...

treffende blogpost met aanlokkelijke foto's van de groene gang en anderen.
Kunsthal weer verrassend! we wachtte lang genoeg:)