Mar 15, 2015

Restyling Company 'De Luchtreiziger'

Last two weeks I worked on a restyling of the Dutch Hot Air Balloon Company 'De Luchtreiziger'. (The Air-Traveler) We also restyled their website. The project was in cooperation with  my partner Herman from Yepr 

This is the backside of their business card, a special 'Luchtreiziger' mascotte ;-)

Besides the design for the website and businesscard I also designed a flyer,
a birthday giftcard, a flag, a polo shirt, a sticker, and a certificate.

Here's the special Luchtreiziger birthday card:

And I made some animated pictures for the website:

....this one is already for Christmas....

...and one for the football championships...

...and ofcourse the olympic games....

It was a fun project to work on :-)


roberto M. said...

WOW Nelleke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are great!!!
i love your style, your way to show your creativity!
Your expressive language! You mood to say things
BTW I'm not a robot!!! :)

Anja Brunt said...

Heel erg leuk!