Mar 27, 2015

Illustration project 'all kind of things'

I'm working on a new illustration project: 'all kind of things' I mostly draw characters and faces. So I challenge myself in this new project to only draw 'things':

And the fun is: if you do that for a while, you suddenly have a whole collection :)

I'm always looking for characters, emotions and a kind of story in my work. This is the biggest challenge in my 'all kind of things' project. To draw the things in a way they have a sort of soul.

And sometimes I give them a face and even red cheeks (I can'tt help it... ;-)

I also experiment with hand lettering in this project :-)

Will be continued... ;-)


Siggadisart said...

Thank you for sharing, love your drawings and love the idea. Have a nice day you too..

adriprints said...

These are really great! I love your lettering and the red line you're using. Lots of character in all of the things you draw!