Aug 8, 2014

Summerschool - Make It In Design - part 1

Here are my first three designs for the 'make it in design' summerschool:

Beginners assignment was to make a tropical summer pattern, I came up with this:

I like to see my patterns mocked up on clothes, so I made an illustration of a tropical girl.

I had to think of the Summer carnaval we celebrate here every year in Rotterdam, all kind of extravagant hats and wigs :) View all tropical patterns of the beginner brief 1 in the summerschool gallery 

The Intermediate assignment was to make a retro geometric pattern for a bathing suit.

I made several designs, it was hard to choose, but I submitted this ´summer diamonds´ design. Because I thought this was the most appropriate for a bathing suit. View all retro geometric patterns of the intermediate brief 1 in the summerschool gallery 

The  advanced assignment (yes, I signed up for that one too ;-)) was to create a water pattern:

I chose for a combination of dancing Octopuses and waves It doesn't show on the picture but I even succeeded to make it a seamless repeated pattern, which was quite a challenge with this design. View  all water patterns of the advanced brief 1 in the summerschool gallery 

The briefs and the work of the other participants are very inspiring. Next Monday we will get three new assignments. I Hope to find time to accomplish these too. Will be continued...


Martina Visnjic art said...

Love your patterns.

Sheila said...

These are fabulous!

Unknown said...

zorgeloos kleurig, mooie en frisse patronen; het inktvissenkussen favoriet

Sofia said...

Have been loving all your work at summer school! And your mockups are simply gorgeous :)