Jul 22, 2014

let it bubble

Here's the result of the final Bootcamp assignment:

Subject for the July assignment was your favorite beverage. I'm a fan of latte machiato (koffie verkeerd), I like orange juice, drink a lot of water, sometimes a glass of red wine... But the drink I love the most is Prosecco (campagne is also good, as long as it bubbles) We were asked to create a personal piece about it.

That was my inspiration for 'let it bubble'  I like the bubbles in the drink, but I also love it when bubbles of inspiration sparkling in my head. It's available as a giclee print in my Etsy shop

If you like to see what my classmates have made, you can view it in the
July Bootcamp Gallery.

Besides the July assignment, there was an extra 'just for fun' assignment of painting your nails or painting on rocks. Painting nails is absolutely not my thing, so I chose to make this little man.

It's a pity Bootcamp is over now. I started late in May, but it was a very nice experience and I'm glad I've joined. Great to meet all these fellow artists and share our proces and progress!

Next thing is the Global Talent Search: A competition organized by Top Illustration agent Lilla Rogers. First prize is a two years representation by the Lilla Rogers Studio. I can always try... ;-)

If you like, you can still enter. It starts the 5th of August.


Unknown said...

vrolijk jongleren met glazen champagne, onbekommerd,

Anonymous said...

Cool, and I really like that little rock man. :)