Jun 1, 2014

inspiration: Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman

Here's some work of Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman. He was an inspiring artist living from 1882 - 1945. He experimented a lot with typefaces and printers' materials, such as stenciling and stamping. I love it. He can tell a lot with just simple shapes. But why am I blogging about him today?

It's because I subscribed for the monotype class. Make Monotypes with Linda Germain, which starts tomorrow. I'm a big fan of the printing textures, but I never take much time to experiment. So when I saw this online course, I thought: "this is my chance!", to play and experiment and learn more about these techniques. I hope it's a good one!


Sophie Dufresne said...

I didn't know about this artist, I really love his work, thank you for sharing Nelleke! And, big THANKS for telling us about the class, I can't believe I would sign up for yet more more class, but I just did :)!

A couple years ago I developed my own printing technique so I could do it without a press. Since a bit before the MATS class I've been looking for new techniques for textures and ways to apply color so this is coming at the right time.

Thank you, see you in class!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is Werkmans work?


Anonymous said...

I think it's work of Ate Zuithof.

nelleke said...

Yes, I'm sure this is Werkman's work, see here.
Ate Zuithof is the writer of this book about Werkman.