May 12, 2014

Faces, people and vintage dolls

After part A of the e-course Make Art That Sells. with Lilla Rogers, 
I continued with Bootcamp I'm happy, because it's fun too :-))

Once a month we get an assignment, In the first week we get what Lilla calls the 'Mini': Draw a subject just for fun in various techniques. And guess what? The subject was faces, people and vintage dolls! Here are some watercolor faces:

I couldn't help it to make LOTS of faces After a year of drawing them in my face a day project,  I still LOVE it :-)

First I started  to search some images of vintage dolls.Also a fun subject to draw. I made these five below with a pencil and colored them in photoshop. It looks like a little gang to me: The gang of 5!

Then I began to concentrate more on faces only and made a lot of these collage faces, using vintage paper and little pieces of old paintings. I glue them together with my favorite ModPodge glue, which I recently bought.

For this one below I first I made some doodles on a piece of paper. When I scanned them, I suddenly saw the possibility of adding some stylistic bodies. So it became a group of people. The only one I have moved is the one on the left. But for the rest the story was already there.

I made some more faces with markers, also a technique I like. You can't be very subtile with these. The lines become thick and you can't really control it. Especially when they are a bit older and don't work that well anymore...

I could go on and on with this. But today we will get the big assignment.
So this will be continued...

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fijne opdracht voor jou zeg!
leuk beschreven weer