Feb 10, 2013

winner circus love postcard set

The winner of the circus love postcard set is...


Congratulations :-)
I wanna thank you all for your kind and LOVEly reactions!
and wish you a very happy Valentine!

If you are looking for some nice postcards or giclée art prints
of course you are welcome in the Red Cheeks Factory shop

ps Ingrid can you mail me your adress,
so I can send the circus love postcard set to you
and they will be in time for coming Valentine's Day :-)


roberto M. said...

BUAAAAAAA!! (onomatopoeia for crying)

Ha Ha, No,no I'm rally happy for Ingrid.
Ingrid, Congratulations, and Happy Valentine!!!

Anonymous said...

it was fun just to see your illustrations...

Carole Reid said...

I loev this announcement, Nelleke!
Congratulations Ingrid!

Ingrid / www.teken-ing.nl said...

Wow, real vcalantine cards!! Can't believe I won :-) Thank you all for your congratulations!

And thank you Nelleke! I can't wait to see your illustrations in real life :-) Happy Valentine!