Jul 25, 2012

IF: carry

illustration friday: carry
present twins for the twins-project


roberto M. said...

Surely, there are things so heavy that it is better load between two, as your twins
I feel visual pleasure,
I can not say anything else when I see your artwork!

roberto M. said...

oh I'm a fool, I realize recently that they are charged themselves!!! :)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

It must be a burden to carry yourself! How clever this is..I love it!!

Sandra van Doorn said...

Elizabeth stole my words! its’ the first thing i thought when i saw the illustration! what a burden!
gorgeous just piece thought.
x sandar

Johbont said...

grappig dat hun hoofden geheel verdwenen zijn, beide bedolven maar toch nog op de been.

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

Very nice Nelleke :)