Mar 2, 2012

illustration for JCM

Illustration for the JCM march issue


Rod MacGregor said...

That looks really cool!

Sandra van Doorn said...

Nelleke! you are just everywhere! congratulations!
this one looks like a summer holiday is just around the corner,.
Or maybe it’s just me who would like to go by the sea..:)

roberto M. said...

a beautiful image for a Friday after a week with a lot of work, nothing better than the thin air of the sea, illuminated by the soft light of a lighthouse, spinning, enlightens us, leaves, and again illuminated, just as that stations do, they come, they go, but return again and again and again
Have a nice weekend!

johbont said...

'scheepje onder Jesus hoede' zingt het bij het zien van deze maritieme plaat

Karen said...

What a lovely lighthouse - to me it just seems to be radiating a protective love & guiding light in this seascape.