Oct 17, 2011

Animals in Repetition

The second week of the Animals in Art on line class from the
Dancing Cat Art School
This weeks theme:

Animals in Repetition using the Same Animal:
I've made this 'Cool Song'.

Animals in Repetition using Different Animals:
I was inspired by the fairytale from the Grimm Brothers:
The Bremen Town Musician.

I also experimented with monoprints. I found a nice blogpost
about how you can make a monoprint drawing.
With a little help from photoshop I've made these donkey-horses :-)


roberto M. said...

Nelleke, Hello!!!!, all seem very good work, congratulations!!!1

Anonymous said...

I really like your polar bears... excellent site!

Unknown said...

Ik vind ze allemaal leuk, maar de ijsberen zijn toch mijn favorite, ze zijn super!

Lindsay said...

I love your work. charming!

Leen’s said...

Leuk werk Nelleke!

Sandra van Doorn said...

looks like fun and great work... i really like your donkeys.
xo snadra

Unknown said...

Hi Nelleke
I love the polar bears. Most seem to be looking up - what's up there?! They are SOOOO cute!

Unknown said...

goeie uitwerking v d opdracht lijkt me/
het clubje ezelshonden is echt prachtig

Rod MacGregor said...

Like you mono prints and your blog in general...I love the idea of things making red cheeks!

Melissa Mackie said...

Great work Nelleke! Looks great!

Momo said...

Love cool songs.