Sep 14, 2011

inspiration: various artists 3

This is the third post in the serie: various artists.
Again very inspiring artists with beautiful work!
Here are some parts of their illustrations, so you can get a small impression.
To see more of their work click on the links:

From left to right:
Manon Gauthier
Lisa Eisenbrey
Mia Christopher


kitty kilian said...

Ja, great work, I can see you would like it! Both cat and tearful kid are really neat.

roberto M. said...

Thanks for sharing!!!
four great artist!!
(I could say, five, with you)

Sandra van Doorn said...

thanks for sharing, i always love discovering new artists; just like i am discovering your blog and your work... such great fun over :)
xo sandra

mareike said...

I love the work of Netalula....