Sep 6, 2011

inspiration: various artists 2

This is the second post in the serie: various artists.
So many inspiring artists, which I enjoy very much!
Again some parts of their illustrations, so you can get a VERY small impression.
To see more of them click on the links:

From left to right:
Emma Hanquist
Mareike Engelke
Gudrun Makelberge
Kate Boxer


mareike said...

dank je well.

Unknown said...

Dankjewel voor de mooie en leuke links. Er zijn zoveel goede kunstenaars....zucht. Leuk dat je dit doet!

Unknown said...

Did you just change you blog header? It's fun...

nelleke said...

Hi Evelyn, maybe you confuse it with my other blog banner: a face a day?

I have this banner since the beginning of may. But I'm gladyou like it ;-)

roberto M. said...

Hello, Nelleke. thanks for show us these wonderful artists.
My favorite is Mareike Engelke!!